Wild & Wise Men's Coaching

Wild & Wise Men's Coaching


Activate Your Gifts!

Vigorous physical health, a life of depth and meaning, doing good while thriving, amazing relationships.  Sound good?  All of this is possible when you embody your own personal genius.

Wild & Wise Men's Coaching is a  mix of lifestyle upgrades, sacred physical practice, life coaching, emotional intelligence work, and generally just getting real!  

There is so much magic within your own body and nature, just committing to those two channels will dramatically improve your entire life!



Connect From Anywhere!

Not in Hawaii?  Let's get to work anyway.  60 minute Zoom or Facetime sessions are convenient and  effective.

I work with men for 6 months as a starting point although many men continue for a year or more. 

Biweekly calls over zoom are my preferred way to work with men.

If you think you are ready, I can almost guarantee that working with me will accelerate your process!



Honolulu, HI, USA

(808) 927-5611

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