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Hi, I’m Trevor Spring.  Mentoring boys and training Mentors has been the main focus of my personal and professional life for over 6 years now.  As I've deepened into this role over the years, and committed more to supporting young men, the experience has brought me further into my own development as a maturing adult man.  The “Mentorship Cycle” truly holds magic and I'm happy to say that it has improved me as a father, a partner, a leader and in my relationship to myself.  

It is very clear to me that parents are not meant to be everything for their children. Youth need a variety of positive influences.  We can't do it all ourselves!!  That's why I'm so passionate about working with boys, parents, teachers, coaches and facilitators, as well as the Sonz Youth Community.  We can create safe spaces where boys can be accepted for exactly who and how they are.  Places for young men to bring the inevitable growth challenges and choices they'll face as they become a man, for men to step into their wisdom as Mentors and for Parents to receive support.  These spaces are everything I would have loved as a boy.

As a young man I experienced having a lot of peers, coaches and teachers around, but looking back I rarely felt seen or met by anyone who could be sincerely present with me and provide the focused support and healthy challenge that I longed for.  Being a youth where everything looks ok on the surface can be extremely lonely, isolating and disorienting.  Looking back, I didn't know what I was missing but I was constantly missing the true presence from adults that I craved.  

After nearly 20 years as a holistic fitness coach for adults, youth and companies, I stepped into men's work roughly 12 years ago...and eventually into facilitation.  In 2017 I established and ran the Oahu chapter of Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii as well as guided multiple Adventure and Rites of Passage weekends.  I resigned in 2020 and established the Sonz Youth Program and have turned fully towards our opportunities and challenges there for the past 2 years and continue to work as a consultant with individuals starting mentoring programs in their communities, schools resourcing their boys with safe space to grow together, and facilitators desiring more skills supporting connection with boys.

I reside in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and am a 44 year old father of four; two children of my own and two step children.  I am married and in a growth-oriented partnership that both challenges and supports me to grow as a person.  I love surfing, mountain expeditions, down time, circling up, playing music around the fire with my friends and our kids, and volunteering on friend's farms.  

This work is a combination of all of my personal and professional experiences.  I'm so excited for you to join the community and hope to connect with you soon.


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