Virtual Workshop

Saturday December 22nd

8:30 - 9:30am Hawaiian Time

Zoom Private Group Chat2-6pm

Cost: $22

Are you a man who is doing your best to grow and change for the better?  To experience a new state of masculinity?  Are you still looking for the key?  Good news becasue you already possess it and it's within you!


 Healing Hardness is a self-care workshop for men ready to drop their armor and find connection and true strength in honesty with themselves and support from a group of men who are doing the same.


Some of the foundations of this workshop that will help you move beyond old-paradigm masculinity are:

  • Learning the language of emotion.

  • Experiencing your feelings from the sensations in your body.

  • How to care for yourself in nourishing, regenerative ways.

  • Learning potent practices to connect to our body through breathwork, sensing, stillness and movement.

  • Learning to choose decisively what you need and having the knowledge and skill to meet your OWN needs successfully.


"Reclaiming connection to intuition and emotions is the single most revolutionary step you can take as a man."


Much of life discourages you from truly knowing your feelings and therefore knowing yourself.  With a strong inner guidance system you will take major steps toward freedom and reclaiming your wholeness as a man.

This workshop will be recorded live and I will send the zoom link out within a couple days so don't worry if you can't attend.  The material in this workshop is incredibly valuable and powerful regardless of when you watch it.

Are you ready to begin healing your hardness and uncovering your whole, beautiful self?  If so, sign up below. 



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