When a man can accept life's challenges and work with them in a way that seasons, matures and strengthens his character, the Authentic Self can stand bravely up front!

The time is now Men.  You are supported to show up more powerfully for yourself and those around you.  

Together we will develop your trust in your intuition, your emotional intelligence, your body centered feeling, confidence, self care habits and your power in vulnerability.  



Does this stuff resonate or feel like it makes sense to you?  That's probably because you're right on the edge of a whole life paradigm.

This discovery session will give us both the opportunity to decide if working together works for us.

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Not on Oahu?  That's ok, let's get to work anyway.


A Trojan Horse for your life, the distance coaching program will yield amazing results with unbelievable convenience!  

Some men may find it difficult to make time for themselves.  Paradoxically, this is the most important part!!  If you're committed to embodying your highest masculine potential, this program will change you from the inside out!

3,6 and 12 Month Plans available.



Conscious Men's Community?  Okay!

This monthly zoom call is about building conscious brotherhood.  Being the man you want to be is also about surrounding yourself with men who can reflect the best you back.

On these calls we delve deeply into archetypal masculine wisdom, emotional literacy, personal power and life mapping.  

The cost is $18/Month