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Body Language
8-Week On-Boarding Experience

This Program is 8 weeks of focused exploration to learn new movement skills, practice together in community and to develop sensory awareness that enhances your emotional self-awareness and your kinesthetic awareness.  

This program is designed on the premise that your overall well-being is deeply linked to:

  • Feeling emotions and sensations clearly and knowing how to work with your own emotions to enrich and deepen your life and relationships.

  • The practical aspect of how you utilize your body on a daily basis for optimal energy, mental health, fitness and a sense of connection to your soma.

Both aspects are inseparable and play major parts in your mental health and the sense of presence you are able to bring to your life!


The Body Language Community

Once you've completed the 8-week Onboarding program, you're ready to join The Community!

2x Weekly Calls, Programming, Connection, Motivation

Private 1:1 Coaching Session
Support yourself throughout the 8-week program with one on one sessions with Trevor to dive deeper into your holistic program, movement goals and emotional/personal material!

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